Maison Duchénoy

Located in the Louvre district, the showroom is the home of a passion: the spirit of the house and the place to share intimately their craft: embroidery, linens, the pleasures of decoration. Nestled along the Palais Royal Gardens, the showroom is like the homes it dresses, welcoming and warm.

5, place des Victoires – Paris 1st


The Lab’ Sotexpro operates like a kaleidoscope, it invites you to look through all their know-how and the reflections of their artistic direction. And it is there that the extent of the possibilities offered to you for the deployment of your projects is revealed. Imagine, think, create…

That’s what the Lab’ is all about: sharing, exchanging, creating together!

4, rue du Mail – Paris 2nd

Material Curator – The RDAI material library

The architecture agency welcomes you in its premises to make you enter its universe which proposes an approach at the same time intuitive and conceptual.

RDAI is anchored in the elegant Parisian architecture and turned towards the cities of the whole world, where it carried out several hundreds of projects. Thus, over time, it has built up a vast field of experience, a veritable laboratory of ideas.

13, rue du Mail – Paris 2nd

Toulemonde Bochart

Toulemonde Bochart is a family business founded in 1949 in the heart of the textile region of Northern France. It turned to contemporary carpets at the end of the 1960s. Precursors and visionaries in the development of collaboration with renowned stylists and designers, today, creation and innovation remain the key values of Toulemonde Bochart.

10, rue du Mail – Paris 2nd