8th edition – October 2022

Design, Architecture, City and Material: a permanent exploration of possibilities

The topics of these meetings allow for the development of rich and diversified themes, which concern the scale of a building as much as that of the city, and which allow for the questioning of the challenges of materials such as glass, wood or stone. These conferences are also an opportunity to revisit essential notions for architecture today: reuse, experimentation, biosourced materials, energy performance, etc.

Round table

Tuesday 11 October – 1.15pm – 2pm
Glass as a raw material for the architect
2022 has been proclaimed the International Year of Glass by the United Nations! Glass and architecture are intimately linked, they cross paths, collaborate and merge on so many occasions during the definition of a project. From the detail that changes everything to the structural architectural element, glass is worked on. But how do we work together with this material? Architects, craftsmen and manufacturers are invited here to explore with you the possibilities of this extraordinary material.

Dominique Rat, Partner, and Manuel Sismondini, Head of facades, Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Aurélie Kostka, Managing Director, Ateliers Bernard Pictet
Aurélien Birebent, Co-founder, Arthylae
Thomas Arnal, Designer, La Compagnie du verre

Round Table

• Tuesday 11 October – 2.15pm – 3pm
Building the city with the city: materials at the heart of the debate
If the possibilities of matter are infinite, the resources are not. Current events are making us very aware of this. How can we live in a world that takes into account the issue of limited resources? How do architects, interior designers and designers deal with non-infinite resources?

Christine Leconte, Architect and urban planner and President, Ordre des Architectes
Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti, Architectes urbanistes, Ferrier Marchetti Studio
Louis Destombes, Architect and project coordinator, Bellastock
Véronique Pappe, Director, Ekopolis


Tuesday 11 October – 3.15pm – 4pm
Autopsy of a toothpaste tube
From a legitimate question like the beautiful alignment of the red lines on the toothpaste, we come to learn a thousand things about the material… Curiosity is not a bad thing, it is even an essential quality when it comes to creating, to making from the material at our disposal. In any creative process, it is necessary to understand the material before taking it over, to observe it, to manipulate it, to test it, to push it to its limits, to see how it reacts to the light or to the constraint… Dive into the process of taming and sublimation to reveal all its potentialities.

Speaker :
Quentin Hirsinger, President, materiO’

Round Table

Tuesday 11 October – 4.15pm – 5pm
Local plastic waste as a source of material
Since its creation in 2001, Silvadec has become a pioneer in the circular economy by recycling local natural resources: wood fibre, to offer high quality products. This know-how has now been patented, allowing the creation of exteriors that are both designable, traceable and sustainable. Today, the team is taking another step forward in innovation and recycling by proposing to capture local plastic waste to transform it into raw material. A sneak preview of the Heuliad project, a project made in Brittany that could well make a name for itself internationally.

Maud Jézéquel, Circular Economy Project Manager, Silvadec
Jean-Baptiste Fortin, Marketing and Sales Director, Silvadec

Round table discussion

Tuesday 11 October – 5.15pm – 6pm
Should wood prevail in interior architecture?
Wood is rightly gaining a prominent place in interior architecture. A responsible material, it has convinced architects and designers of its merits and reveals its benefits for our physical and mental health every day. An exploration of a material in all its states and which has not finished surprising us!

Carole Petitjean, Director of the material library and design, RDAI
Stéphanie Bouisset, Director, Ateliers Arkal


Tuesday 11 October – 6.15pm – 7pm
Plants and architecture: the biodiverse wall exhibited at BAP! (to be confirmed)
The Biodiversity Wall questions our relationship with life in the city. Designed as part of a research project carried out by the Chartier Dalix agency over several years, this structure is both a massive load-bearing wall and a vertical floor, inhabited by fauna and flora. This pavilion is also a demonstrator of the city’s hidden resources: it exposes the potential linked to material deposits, the challenges linked to their reuse and encourages reflection on the restoration of ecological environments in urban areas. It testifies to the field of possibilities offered by reuse, know-how and imagination for our constructions of tomorrow.

Pascale Dalix, Founding Architect, Chartier Dalix

Round table

Wednesday 12 October – 1.15pm – 2pm
The return of stone to the city
An iconic material in Haussmann’s architecture and in the style of so many French cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and many others), stone has gradually disappeared from architectural projects in favour of concrete and then wood, but it seems to be returning to the heart of cities. Recent architectural projects are bringing stone back into fashion, and French craftsmen are promoting the know-how of cut stone by integrating it into a 2.0 logic. Meetings with professionals defending the benefits of stone.

Borina Andrieu, Director of Wilmotte & Associés and member of the board of the Verrecchia Endowment Fund
Kevin Joly, Founding Director, I-Craft
Antoine Santiard, Associate Architect, H2O Architects


Wednesday 12 October – 2.15pm – 3pm
The scenographic creation of the Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e)
In its architectural and scenographic work, MVRDV is committed to a sustainable approach that favours eco-design for a limited environmental impact. This approach is a central point of the scenographic project for the 8th edition of the Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e). The exhibition teams have worked to propose exhibitor modules made of recycled and recyclable materials and allowing reuse.

Bertrand Schippan, Partner at MVRDV, Director of French Studio, MVRDV
Nicolas Brutin, Director, Polygood by Module Carré

Round table

Wednesday 12 October – 3.15pm – 4pm
Experimenting with materials at all scales
Experimentation in educational workshops, research & development projects and professional projects drives the whole field of city design and construction forward. Experimentation at the scale of the material, the constructive device, the building and the city is essential to progress on the path of environmental and social transition or to ensure a liveable environment in the medium and long term. Dive into the spatial, usual, sensitive and technical experimentation of the material.

Emilie Hergott, Director of Environmental and Digital Engineering, AREP
Gilles Marty, Architect, teacher, Agence INCA (to be confirmed)
Atelier Aïno (to be confirmed)
Pascal Rollet, Founding architect, Lipsky+Rollet Architects (to be confirmed)
Romain Anger, Scientific Director, Amàco
Maxime Bonnevie, Managing Director, Les Grands Ateliers

Round Table

Wednesday 12 October – 4.15pm – 5pm
Flax and Hemp, sustainable solutions for architecture and the home

ongoing presentation

Speakers :
Brice Roussel, Materials and Innovation Manager, European Confederation of Flax and Hemp
Hervé Munck, Founder and CEO, Arketex


• Wednesday 12 October – 5.15pm – 6pm
Les Coordonnés® , an ingenious and creative solution for inspired designers
Four years ago, Nacarat Color Design responded to the need of a social landlord in the east of France for a real design aid tool for the renovation and fitting out of the halls of its collective housing stock. It was then that the 1st opus of the Les Coordonnés® tool matured within the agency, which was always looking for ingenious and innovative solutions. The idea of a global solution to help choose floor, wall and ceiling coverings for lobbies, common areas and housing units, operating according to the constraints of the spaces and the desired ambience, emerged from this reflection. The Coordonnés® thus enable landlords, developers, managers and architects to quickly make the right choice of colours, materials and finishes based on relevant harmonies. Vanessa Lehner and Soizic Blanchard-Boucault will be giving us a preview of this unique phygital design tool.

Vanessa Lehner, Associate Colorist Designer, Nacarat Color Design
Soizic Blanchard-Boucault, Associate Founder, Nacarat Color Design

Round table

• Wednesday 12 October – 6.15pm – 7pm
Reuse boiling over: opening up possibilities for the medium and small scale
Often discussed at the scale of architecture and building, what are the practices and possibilities for reuse at the scale of interior architecture and design? Many reused materials are gradually being incorporated into designs with style. Designers and manufacturers will describe the achievements and perspectives that are opening up thanks to the reuse of materials.

Clarisse Merlet, Founder, FabBRICK
Amandine Langlois, Co-founder, Pierre Plume
Bruce Ribay and Guillaume Galloy, Designers and founders, Noma
Rebecca Fezard and Elodie Michaud, Designers and founders, Hors Studio