In October 2023, Les Rendez-vous de la Matière +fair(e) will return to the Atelier Richelieu for its 9th edition, with an immersive scenography signed by the MVRDV studio. An atypical positioning combining exceptional materials and industrial solutions, thus allowing a synergy of the different networks and a high value-added promise for the visitors prescribers. Thanks to its round tables, conferences and thematic visits that complement the initial offer, this event highlights a panel of materials as singular as they are innovative: lava, blown glass, concrete, straw, ceramics, zellige, trimmings, wood… ideally selected for architects and interior designers.

Discover the list of exhibitors experts in floor & wall coverings:

Creative Matters I Ideal Work I Kebony I La Fabbrica I LCD Textile Edition I Marius Aurenti I Nakamoto Foresty Europe I Nature Squared I Omexco I Venessens I Atelier Sedap I Heystia I Lamellux I Objet Particulier I Wood-Skin I Anne Lopez I Lucile Boitelle…

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Focus on five excellent exhibitors


Founded in 1994, La Fabbrica specializes in the production and marketing of high quality Italian ceramic floor and wall tiles. Quality, design and creativity are the commitments taken by the brand to provide innovative tiles.

The company has made the search for quality its philosophy, this value has always been present in the creation of products, from the design to the production and marketing, from the research laboratory to the production and sales staff carefully distributed in Italy and abroad. The constant impulse towards quality improvement has made it possible to create collections at the forefront of design and technology, adapted to the technical requirements of designers and interior decorators on the one hand and to the taste of the final consumers on the other. Stone & marble is worked with excellence by La Fabbrica, which in 2018 inaugurated its Exhibition Center of Excellence in Imola, inside the 15th century Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, a space of over 750 square meters dedicated to the exhibition of the company’s best products.

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Ideal Work Eqiom adopts a unique method on the market based on the collaboration and the constant confrontation with its own partners. Accompanied by a highly qualified network of applicators specialized in its products, the company gives great importance to training, updating and consulting. A virtuous cycle that leads to the creation of innovative products, with the possibility of responding to the different requirements of personalization of the environments according to the desire of the clients.

In 2020 Ideal Work Eqiom joined the Bostik Group, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group and operates worldwide in the construction, industrial and consumer markets, developing innovative and multifunctional adhesive sealing solutions capable of giving new shape to everyday life. Synergy, collaboration, listening: these are the values that guide Ideal Work Eqiom in the relationship with its qualified applicators. Waxed concrete has no more secrets for this company which gives the possibility to its consumers to arrange floors & walls, inside and outside, as they wish by personalizing their request according to what they are looking for. Ideal Work brings solutions that have never been so simple before!

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Omexco is a solution imagined and manufactured by passionate people for passionate people. Whether it is natural materials, woven fabrics or silk-screened supports, the collections of wall coverings developed by the designers awaken the senses and give a touch of poetry to the interiors. Textiles, woven papers, glass beads, printed non-woven fabrics, natural fibers, mica and pearlescent shells are the flagship materials of this company, which is committed to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible while offering inspiring and inspired collections. The company favors materials containing recycled fibers, uses renewable energy (solar panels), and systematically opts for materials without harmful components while integrating renewable materials such as cork or recycled sari silk into the collections.

Landscapes with irregular textures, changing colors, between softness, neutral tones and brightness of more daring shades, Omexco can bring all the uniqueness of a sourced material on the walls. Multiple universes are to be discovered and found through dozens and dozens of collections highlighting surprising materials such as murier bark, cork oak, sumptuous designs also plunge us into a lush and poetic universe. Since 1976, Omexco, a Belgian publisher and manufacturer, has been creating collections of high-end, elegant and refined wall coverings. Each of their collections is a sensory journey that aims to bring beauty to interiors. Omexco transforms walls into works of art.

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Nakamoto Forestry is a family-owned wood production company, headquartered in Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan, which has been in existence for over 60 years. The company owns 2,000 hectares of managed forests in Hiroshima Prefecture and four main factories in Hiroshima and Tokushima Prefectures to complete the manufacturing process of burnt cedar. Nakamoto Forestry is affiliated with WoodOne, one of the largest flooring manufacturers in Japan and distributes their products internationally.

Nakamoto Foresty offers Yakisugi, “Made in Japan,” using only domestic Sugi (Japanese cedar). The company has been using its know-how in shaping and processing for decades in order to offer this unusual cladding; burnt wood for cladding and wall cladding with a strong character that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Nakamoto Foresty answers to three characteristics which make all the identity of the company; the tradition and the modernity, the healthy habitat, the natural and the durability. Expert in the handcrafted manufacturing of burned wood, Nakamoto Foresty proves by its expertise that this material offers a real better quality of life while creating a healthy living environment. The wood (Suyaki, Gendai and Pika-Pika), an environmentally friendly material par excellence, is PEFC certified. As the world’s leading manufacturer of Yakisugi, the company continues to develop numerous projects around the world.

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Since its inception in 1971, Vescom has grown into a large, global company with a unique expertise in wall covering. Indeed, no compromise on design, no compromise on functionality will be made with Vescom. Its vinyl and textile wallcovering collections are the best of the best. With more than 150 patterns and over 2000 colors, as well as customization options through digital printing, Vescom’s exclusive wallcovering line fits into any interior.

Manufactured in their European factories, the collections are specially designed to meet the strict international standards of the contract market. Ideal for hotels, healthcare, education, offices and leisure projects, these different collections are strong, durable, fireproof and scrub-resistant. Vynil, textile, wallcovering + print & walltalkers are at the heart of the company’s creations and allow you to personalize your walls as you wish.

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