As every year, a series of conferences will punctuate the show and offer professional visitors a platform for exchanging ideas, reflecting together and questioning themselves on rich and diverse themes, which concern the scale of a building as much as that of the city.

This cycle of conferences will lead us to question the issues of materials such as glass, wood, stone and many other innovative solutions, an opportunity to revisit essential notions for architecture today: reuse, experimentation, biosourced materials, energy performance, etc.

Building the city with the city: materials at the heart of the debate

Tuesday 11 October,
14:15 – 15:00

If the possibilities of matter are infinite, the resources are not. Current events are making us very aware of this. How can we live in a world that takes into account the issue of limited resources? How do architects, interior designers and designers deal with non-infinite resources?

Christine Leconte, Urban Architect and President, Ordre des Architectes; Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti, Urban Architects, Ferrier Marchetti Studio; Louis Destombes, President, Bellastock; Ekopolis

Return of stone in the city

Wednesday 12 October,
13:15 – 14:00

An iconic material of Haussmannian architecture and the style of so many French cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and many others), stone has gradually disappeared from architectural projects in favour of concrete and then wood, but it seems to be returning to the heart of cities. Recent architectural projects are bringing stone back into fashion, and French craftsmen are promoting the know-how of cut stone by integrating it into a 2.0 logic. Meetings with professionals defending the benefits and advantages of stone in our cities.

Borina Andrieu, Director of Wilmotte & Associés and member of the board of directors of the Verrecchia Foundation; Kevin Joly, Founding Director, I-Craft; Antoine Santiard, Associate Architect, H2O Architects

Les Coordonnés”, an ingenious and creative solution for designers inspired by Nacarat Color Design

Wednesday 12th October,
17:15 – 18:00

Four years ago, Nacarat Color Design responded to the need of a social landlord in the east of France for a real design aid tool for the rehabilitation and fitting out of the halls of its collective housing stock. It was then that the 1st opus of the Les Coordonnés® tool matured within the agency, which was always looking for ingenious and innovative solutions. The idea of a global solution to help choose floor, wall and ceiling coverings for lobbies, common areas and housing units, operating according to the constraints of the spaces and the desired ambience, emerged from this reflection. The Coordonnés® thus enable landlords, developers, managers and architects to quickly make the right choice of colours, materials and finishes based on relevant harmonies. Vanessa Lehner and Soizic Blanchard-Boucault will be giving us a preview of this unique phygital design tool.

Vanessa Lehner, Associate Colorist Designer, Nacarat Color Design ; Soizic Blanchard-Boucault, Founder and Associate, Nacarat Color Design

Le früshtück matériO’

Tuesday 11 October,
11:00 à 13:00

matériO’ organises its famous Früshtück on the occasion of the Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e). Exceptionally, the Früshtück is also open to architects and designers who are not members of matériO’.

This is a great opportunity to discuss materials and breakfast for an hour.

During this time the exhibition will be open by appointment only, a privileged moment to meet our exhibitors.