In 2022, the RENDEZ-VOUS DE LA MATIERE+FAIR(E) invited the internationally renowned Dutch agency MVRDV to design the exhibitor modules. Accompanied by the architect Sophia Goigoux-Becker, the MVRDV agency proposes within the Atelier Richelieu an eco-responsible and sustainable scenography offering an airy legibility of the space, with the primary objective of enhancing the exhibitors’ materials.

© Sophia Goigoux-Becker

A word from Bertrand Schippan, partner in the MVRDV agency and director of Studio Francophone

We designed the module by trying to rethink the logic of the stand, the logistics and the compactness of its transport in order to limit carbon emissions and use recycled materials, which are therefore more sustainable.

We have worked with companies to develop a system of panels with standard sizes that allow a multitude of possible combinations. The stands are made up of modules, panels with beautiful dimensions of up to 180 cm by 90 cm, offering a catalogue of possibilities to exhibitors. The elements are very thin and interlocking. This allows exhibitors to choose the configuration they wish to put in place in relation to their product.

The modules can also be used to create furniture, such as chairs and benches. The logic is simple: we do not create one piece of furniture, but dozens. The exhibitors choose the furniture or the composition that suits them.

© Sophia Goigoux-Becker

A word from Sophia Goigoux-Becker, architect and set designer

In the centre of each room, a space left free invites conviviality and encourages exchanges.
The stands are distributed around the periphery. This legibility of the space also allows the visitor to have enough distance to see all the stands. In order to avoid overloading and to avoid saturating the eye, exhibitors limit their selection of artefacts. The interstitial spaces between two stands are vegetated, like a visual border. The fact that the signature is not too strong allows the subject of the exhibition to stand out: the material.